Leicester’s Kashmir Solidarity Campaign protest turns into a shocking incitement to Hindu hatred event


Leicester’s Kashmir Solidarity Campaign protest turns into a shocking incitement to Hindu hatred event A protest organised by Andrea Rebecca Burford who is a Labour Party member of Keith Vaz’s Leicester East Constituency and local Branch Secretary of the Union  ‘Unite’  on 7th September 2019 created a storm amongst Hindus when abusive language was used about them.

The protest was also addressed by Leicester’s Assistant City Mayor Councillor Mustafa Malik, who is of Pakistani origin and portfolio for Communities, Jobs and Skills. Cllr Malik is also

Mukesh Naker from the British Hindu Voice (BHV) said

“ This campaign was about India and Kashmir,  so the Hindu Community was shocked and angry when derogatory anti Hindu slogans were used at the protest meeting. This  has the potential of creating  communal tensions  and was totally unnecessary”

“The involvement of an Assistant City mayor also calls into question his code of conduct. British Hindu Voice has already written to the Leicester City Council’s Monitoring Officer to investigate.”

British Hindu Voice has also written to the Chief Constable of Leicestershire registering an incitement to faith hatred complaint.

The BHV has also written to the Secretary of the Leicester East Constituency Labour party and the Trade Union Unite regarding the conduct of Andrea Rebecca Buford.

Briefing to the Editors:

The campaign was about the issues around India’s abrogation of Article 370 and 35A. This is a matter between India and Kashmir. India is a secular state. India is NOT Hindu.

To say India and therefore Hindus are responsible is bringing religion Muslim vs Hindus into the equation. From there to use Hindu Hatred slogans like Hindu fascism, misuse  and linking of  the much-revered Hindu Swastik symbol and turning it into a Nazi hate symbol, calling the Indian PM Narendra Modi ‘ Asian Hitler ‘and  thus implying Hindus are like Nazis is faith hatred.

The organisers, who were photographed with banners promoting incitement to hatred slogans, by not stopping this diatribe has either knowingly approved them or given their tacit approval.

Please find attached pictures of Cllr Malik and Andrea , the car photo and any other evidence that we have.

Source – World Hindu News