Islamists kidnap Hindu bride, convert her to Islam and force her to marry a father of two children


Pakistan : A newly married Hindu bride has been kidnapped in the Sindh province of Pakistan. She has been forcefully converted to Islam and married against her will to a kidnapper who is a father of two children.

Newly married Hindu bride Kavita Megawar wife Ratan Lal Megawar was kidnapped from her house. Initially, Ratan Megawar along with his relatives kept looking for his wife. When they could not able to find Kavita, they reached to the police to file a complaint. But instead of registering the complaint, the police gave the certificates of Kavita’s conversion to Islam and marriage.

According to the certificate, Kavita’s name has been changed to Shahnaz Sheikh after her conversion to Islam. Police said that Kavita converted to Islam and married Abdullah Sheikh. Abdullah Sheikh is already married and has 2 children, Punjab Kesari reported.

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