Terror State Pakistan, Western Media & Congress are on the same page in J&K


The only unfinished agenda on Kashmir is the liberation of POK from Pakistani clutches. Had the then Prime Minister Nehru not gone to the UN & declared ceasefire when Bharatiya forces were on the verge of expelling the Pakistani army & tribal invaders from what is now POK, the Kashmir problem would not have existed & so many people would not have lost their lives.

The present government has rectified a part of the blunder committed seven decades earlier by abrogating Article 370 & bifurcating the state into 2 Union territories, much to the chagrin of Pakistan along with the oldest national party of our country (or what is left of it).

The sham & the rhetoric played out by Pakistan was on expected lines but the support they are getting from the Congress is shameful & disgraceful. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra called the move undemocratic & unconstitutional, even though the abrogation was passed overwhelmingly by Bharat’s Parliament.

Perhaps she & the CWC forgot about the imposition of Emergency in 1975 by her grandmother which was the biggest undemocratic & unconstitutional act in the history of independent Bharat.

Inspite of opposition from within the Congress, the CWC went ahead in calling the abrogation of Article 370 as ‘unconstitutional & undemocratic’ which showed that it was totally out of sync with the mood of the nation & the voice of the ordinary citizen from Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh who has got nothing from the special status.

This folly of the Congress will haunt it in the years to come & could further hasten its plummeting graph.

As for Pakistan, the terrorist state was jolted & shell shocked at the masterstroke by Modi & Shah as could be seen by the deliberations in its National assembly by none other than the PM, who was seen playing to the galleries and asking whether he should attack Bharat as he had tried everything else.

The Pakistani Foreign Minister’s haplessness after the initial flamboyance was an admission of the ground reality. The Pakistanis were buoyed by the Trump goof up on Kashmir, but since then America has corrected itself leaving Pakistan in the lurch.

The western media’s tirade & fake reporting on Kashmir is nothing new. They love to conjure up human rights abuse stories for their own TRPs, conveniently forgetting their own backyard & the mess that their governments created in third world & developing countries around the world.

BBC’s howler on Kashmir will further alienate the western media from the developing world audience, apart from reinforcing the bias that they harbour against countries like Bharat. Anti-Hindu mindset is deeply embedded in the British establishment, so such bias should not surprise anyone.

These media houses are a pale shadow of what they were in their hey days & such frivolous & fake reporting will further erode their credibility.

Bharat needs to up the ante diplomatically & politically against any attempt by hostile nations & media to project false or cooked-up stories in the Union Territories of J&K and Ladakh.

As Pakistan & the western world and their media are ill at ease with the calm prevailing in Kashmir, one can only imagine the level they will stoop to if there are any sporadic skirmishes in the valley. For the moment, the government deserves full credit for handling Kashmir the way it has.

The government would also do well to further strengthen ties with its all weather friend Russia which has provided unflinching support to Bharat amidst sometimes wavering international opinion.

Source – Hindu Post