Imran Khan threatens more suicide bombings in Kashmir; ducks question about Uighur Muslims


Pakistan PM Imran Khan, an ex-cricketer & darling of many in the Lutyens’ Delhi circuit, has issued a brazen threat that Bharat would see more suicide bombings like the Pulwama attack. He was speaking in the Pakistani Parliament after Bharat amended its Constitution to fully integrate the state of Jammu & Kashmir with the rest of the country.

This is probably the first instance where an elected head of state has openly called for suicide terror attacks.

In February this year, a Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) suicide bomber had struck a CRPF convoy in Pulwama, killing 44 soldiers in cold blood. JeM is a Pakistani ISI-backed terror organization led by the notorious Maulana Masood Azhar.

Never seen before a PM blackmailing so openly

Imran Khan predicts rise in suicide bombing in Kashmir as Pakistan’s army issues dire warning’ | via @telegraph

— FrancescaMarino (@francescam63) August 7, 2019

In a video recorded before the attack & subsequently released by JeM, the suicide bomber can be seen spewing Islamist hate towards Hindus & claiming that such attacks will finally lead to Ghazwatul-Hind (an Islamic prophesy about Muslim conquest of Bharat).

Imran Khan had denied any Pakistani involvement in the Pulwama attack, despite Jaish-e-Mohammed openly claiming credit for the bombing. Such irresponsible rhetoric from Pakistan is not new, but is increasingly being mouthed openly by senior figures. In October last year, a retired Pakistani General had suggested Kashmiri youth to carry out suicide bombings in Kashmir to ‘teach India a lesson.’

source – Hindu Post