Indian-Americans rally in support of Israel in Chicago


Chicago :  A large number of Indian-Americans in Chicago have come out in support of Israel during its current conflict with the Hamas, which they alleged are indulging in terror attacks against the Jewish community. Over the weekend, Indian-Americans in the Chicago area held two rallies, including one in downtown, to show their solidarity with the Jewish community. Indian-American leader Dr Bharat Barai said the community stands with the people of Israel who are targeted by constant rocket attacks from Gaza. He alleged that Hamas’s terrorists have not only destroyed houses and killed innocent civilians in the state of Israel but are also terrorizing the people of Gaza. After decades of experiencing wars, the people of Israel and Gaza deserve to live in peace, he said. In his address, Barai expressed the “solid commitment of the Hindu community to continue supporting Israel” and the demand for peace in the region through this difficult situation. Jew community leader Peggy Shapiro came out with her friends to join the vigil. In her address, she thanked the Hindu-American community from the Chicago area for this support.