A Hindu student at Indiana University was bullied by Audrey Truschke and other Hindu haters for writing against Hinduphobia


USA : Audrey Truschke, the infamous professor of South Asian studies who teaches at Rutgers University and glorifies the likes of Aurangzeb and other masochist Mughal rulers whilst blatantly indulging in Hinduphobia recently bullied a freshman Hindu student named Rama Sardar at the Indiana University (IU) to resign from her university’s newspaper.

Rama, who is majoring in media at Indiana University, last month wrote an article titled “Why did the IU Islamic Studies Program Tweet in Support of a Hinduphobic Professor?” after Indiana University’s Islamic Studies Program’s director tweeted in support of the Hinduphobic professor.

In a tweet thread that has been posted on a page named ‘Hindu on Campus’ that aims to create a safe space for diaspora Hindu students, Rama mentioned that she decided to write the article afterwards and it instantly became viral on the social media platforms.



“I decided to write an opinion article on this matter and interviewed a Hindu student at IU. I reached out to the director, Robert Crouch, for an interview as well but he did not answer any of my questions. The article was published on March 24. To my surprise, it became the most read article of that week and it also went viral on Twitter,” said Rama.

However, almost a month after the article was published, the Islamic Studies Program started complaining about the editorial piece and claimed that few parts of the article drew an unfavourable light on the director Robert Crouch. Hearing the request, Rama agreed to make the necessary edits, given the article had already been read far and wide.

However, the Indiana Daily Student (IDS) management unceremoniously decided to un-publish the entire article citing a flimsy reason that the ‘edits would be too lengthy anyway’. Moreover, to make the axing of the article legit, the management further claimed that the article did not meet the journalistic ethics and standards.

As soon as the article was taken down, an elated Audrey Truschke took to Twitter to share the news and ‘appreciated’ the integrity of the institution.

“Indiana University’s student-run newspaper retracts two columns for inconsistencies with journalistic ethics and standards.” She further added, “Their leadership notes: We regret any harm inflicted as a result of their publication. I appreciate the integrity shown here.”





To get herself out of the woods, Truschke posted a follow-up tweet where she claimed that she had nothing to do with the removal of the article.

“Full disclosure I did not request that these article be retracted or altered in any way. I heard about this today, when it happened. “said Truschke.



However, it does not take much to join the dots on how the entire chain of events started and ended. Truschke has a history of going after Hindu students studying abroad. She went after Rashmi Samanth, the ex-president-elect of Oxford University Student Union who was bullied, threatened, ridiculed and forced to resign from her post for being a Hindu.

Similarly, after Rutgers University passed the historic resolution to adopt a scholarly definition of Hinduphobia, Audrey even stalked the parents of the students who had attended the ‘Understanding Hinduphobia Conference.’

Disappointed at the harassment meted, Rama said, “My voice has been silenced because a powerful university program took issue with what I had to say, and my management took their side with no explanation,” whilst adding, “I never expected being censored, discriminated against for being Hindu, and speaking my mind. I never expected to be treated the way and the newspaper that I work for to just casually throw my hard work away.”

Apart from the Islamic Studies Program, it was Truschke that allegedly conspired behind the scene to remove the article. The Hinduphobic professor is employed on the payrolls of the left-liberals and extremists to whitewash the atrocities committed by Mughals and their predecessors on the natives of India.

Source : tfipost.com