Ex General Secretary of VHP of America Shrimati Anjali Pandya, passed away


Our Sister Shrimati Anjali Pandya, who held post of general secretary of VHP of America in the past and was also a member of Central Management Committee, has passed away.For a very long time she acted as a vital link between Central leadership of VHP and VHP of America, She was diagnosed with Cancer and since last July , she was admitted in Apollo Hospital under the supervision of competent specialist Doctors at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Her husband was an Architect and staying in Boston, USA. Her husband died when her son was barely 1-2 years old. After losing her husband she pledged to devote her life to fulfil social work that her husband was committed to. When alive and living in America, her husband used to look after family and also devote his time to social work. which Smt. Anjali took up post his death. There was a huge event in America, most probably an event to commemorate 100 years of Swami Vivekanand’s famous speech delivered in Chicago.This grand event was suucessfully managed and looked after by Smt. Anjali. In the last week of August 2000, there was a global conference in New York at United Nations Conference Hall which was attended by religious representatives from all regions across the world. More than 300 Saints, Great Personalities and opinion makers from Bharat were present at this grand event. The group taking care of respectable guests from Bharat was led by Smt. Anjali and was constantly in touch with all the people concerned. Post this event there was another event at New Jersey organised by VHP-America where Shri Atal Bihari was scheduled to deliver a speech to karyakartas in the presence of these saints and great personalities. For this occasion it was Smt, Anjali who had arranged for the stay for these saints and to look after them. Current Prime Minister of Bharat , Hon. Shri Narendra Modi was also present at this event. She used to be present in all the events of VHP. She had actively participated in all the events organised for Shree Ram Janmabhhoomi Mukti Yajna. In 2007 VHP had organised third global conference at Triveni Sangam-Praygaraj, in Uttar Pradesh. It was expected to be attended by 15000 representatives from across the globe, This conference was to be held in the month of February 2007. It was first week of February typically colder days, the arrangements looking after comforts of 15000 representatives from across the world was possibly taken care of by Smt. Anjali (It was a coincidence that on the very first day due to heavy rainfall everything was shattered). Smt Anjali never got disappointed and always used to remain in positive and happy state of mind. We pray to God for liberation of departed noble soul. And to all the relatives and the friends who were connected with her for very long time this must be painful , even we are shocked. We pray to god to give all of us mental strength to bear this irreparable loss of life.
Om shanti , Shanti, Shanti