I order you to convert 6 lakh Hindus to Christianity Pastor Mohan C Lazarus


Bharat : A video of Pastor Mohan C Lazarus ordering missionaries to convert six lakh Hindus in Thiruchendur is now going viral on the internet. There has also been a constant cry by several organisations, demanding stricter legislative laws to prevent religious conversion.

Christian pastor Mohan C. Lazarus has been telling missionaries in many places that Hindus should be converted. He has been gathering people in the name of prayer meetings and forcing them to convert Hindus by misrepresenting Hinduism and telling them to convert to Christianity. Speaking at a recent ‘religious meeting’, he said, “There are 6 lakh Hindus here. You should convert at least one of them. I am not asking you to take to the streets and campaign. Befriend someone when you are travelling by train, at the bus stand or at work, and then proselytize them. Take an oath to the Lord that you will convert someone. Instead of doing this, you are only evangelizing those from your church and the ones near you. This is merely a lake; you have to go out and catch the fish in the sea. Go out and catch 6 lakh Hindus for conversion.”

He went on to say, “The relatives of the converts from the Hindus are not the ones that are to be engaged in the process of conversion. There are six lakh Hindus out there who are yet to be proselytised. You should talk to them about Jesus and his glory and convert them.”

This video of Mohan C Lazarus speaking out that everyone should make it their first duty to convert someone has gone viral on social media. Indu Makkal Katchi chief Arjun Sampath issued a statement condemning Mohan C Lazarus for his attempt to disturb communal harmony. He said that anti-conversion law was the need of the hour in Tamil Nadu.

Source : thecommunemag.com