Twitter chief Jack Dorsey donates to RSS-affiliate NGO Sewa to help in COVID relief in India, ‘liberals’ fume


On May 10, Twitter Chief Jack Dorsey announced that he had donated $15 million to three organization for Covid-19 relief work in India. In his tweet, he wrote, “$15 million split between CARE, AIDINDIA and Sewa International to help address the COVID-19 crisis in India.”

According to Start Small tracker, he has donated $2,500,000 to the Association of India’s Development (AID India), $10,000,000 to CARE, and $2,500,000 to Sewa International, an RSS-affiliated NGO.

What is Start Small fund?
In April 2020, Jack announced that he was moving $1 billion of his Square equity to Start Small LLC to fund Covid-19 relief projects across the globe. To ensure transparency, he made a Google Sheet of the funds he has to disperse, how much he has dispersed so far and which organizations were benefitted from the funds.

According to the data, he has created fund worth over 3 billion 710 million and dispersed 397 million to different organizations since April last year. So far, over 200 organizations have received funds from his initiative. In the description, Jack wrote, “Sewa International is a Hindu faith-based, humanitarian, nonprofit service organization. This grant will support the procurement of lifesaving equipment such as oxygen concentrators, ventilators, BiPap, and CPAP machines as part of Sewa International’s “Help India Defeat COVID-19″ campaign. Equipment will be distributed to government hospitals and COVID-19 care centres and hospital.”

Soon after Jack announced the donations, the liberals were seen fuming over the inclusion of Sewa International in the list. A donation of $2,500,000 brought a lot of criticism towards Jack.

Hitjob reports against Sewa International
There are several reports floating on different websites and news portals aimed at hurting the reputation of Sewa Bharti and its international wing Sewa USA. On May 4, journalist Neha Dixit urged NRIs not to donate to Sewa International as it is affiliated with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

Rashtriya Sewa Bharti and Sewa International both are part of the same non-profit organisation affiliated with RSS. While Rashtriya Sewa Bharti operates nationally, Sewa International has volunteers working both in the US and India, coordinating the work of raising funds, procuring medical equipment supplies, and getting these to hospitals and institutions. Though Sewa Bharti chose not to respond, riled social media users were in no mood to spare the leftist writer. They schooled Dixit for spreading blatant lies about an organisation that has been genuinely working endlessly in Delhi and across the country helping people in distress amid the coronavirus pandemic.