“He tortured me constantly to convert:” Hindu girl from Kerala about Muslim boyfriend


Here is another case for deniers & Islamist apologists to gloss over in their daily rants about Love Jihad being Hindutva propaganda being used to perpetuate Modi rule.

Anjana (name changed), a Hindu student from Kannur, has opened up about the ordeal she underwent after falling in love with a Muslim boy who took 6 months to perform his Jekyll and Hyde act, reports MyNation.

Anjana had gone to a school to observe “kalolsavam”, a cultural festival, where she met Mushabeer and the two became friends before falling in ‘love’.

After a rosy first 6 months, Mushabeer began to pressurise the girl to change her religion, setting it as a pre-condition for marriage. His persistent pressure culminated in a brutal physical assault on Anjana. At this point, he boasted to her about a slew of other Hindu girls he claimed to have been in a relationship with and who had all agreed to convert to Islam.

Anjana finally worked up the courage to inform her family who then lodged a police complaint. But shockingly, police refused to conduct an investigation and even denied any knowledge of the matter when MyNation spoke to them.

In a video testimony, Anjana narrated her terrible ordeal –


Here are some of the bone-chilling things she revealed –

  • Mushabeer said that he would pour acid on my face if I don’t convert.
  • Mushabeer and his friends are fooling girls into falling in love with them only to make them convert to Islam.
  • They tortured me consistently to convert.

Pressure to convert on the non-Muslim partner is very common in such inter-faith relationships  – exhibit A, exhibit B, exhibit C, exhibit D. Even if there is no deceit involved such as faking a Hindu identity in the initial stages of the relation, the Islamic supremacism bred since childhood and community pressure from the boy’s side rears its ugly head sooner or later, and girls are often left with no option but to cave in. Once the girl has been ‘broken in,’ the liberal-secular cabal celebrate such ‘relations’ as shining examples of communal harmony.

One must applaud Anjana for being brave enough to overcome physical assault and appeal for help from her family. Of course, Hindu girls need to be made far more aware of the threats of Islamism and how such fundamentalist bigots often come wearing very charming masks with full knowledge of how to exploit the illusions sown by Bollywood and pop culture.

Source : mynation.com