Terror down: How Jammu and Kashmir as a Union Territory is helping seamless coordination between security forces


Since the decision to abrogate Article 370 was taken, the number of terror related incidents in Jammu and Kashmir have come down. The data also reveals that due to a concerted effort by security forces, 157 terrorists have been killed.

Even as questions are being raised by many curious about the logic behind the abrogation of Article 370, there is data to prove that backs of terrorists have been broken.

Another key decision that was taken was with regard to bifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh into two Union Territories. This ensured that the entire control of the administration and especially the law and mechanism was under the Union Government.

Terror down:

Since the decision to abrogate Article 370 was taken, the number of terror related incidents have come down. Between August 5, the day the decision was made and November 27, there were 88 incidents of terror that were reported from Jammu and Kashmir.

Data available between April 12 and August 4, 2019 states that there were 106 incidents of terror. Further the data also reveals that due to a concerted effort by security forces, 157 terrorists have been killed.

The Home Ministry says that while terror is down, the attempts to infiltrate continue. Pakistan has become extremely desperate and has made several attempts to send in its terrorists. Data available between August 5 and October 31 show that Pakistan made 84 attempts at infiltration. The data between May 9 and August 4 shows that there were 53 such attempts.

The security forces have been relentless in their efforts to weed out the terrorists. The interception rate has been high and the intelligence precise. The coordination between the Jammu and Kashmir police now under the Union Government and the Intelligence Bureau has been seamless as a result of which the backs of terrorists are being broken.

Several cordon and search operations are also being undertaken and owing to this in 2019 alone 157 terrorists have been gunned down. The message from the Centre is that it has a zero-tolerance policy towards terror.

Free hand and freedom:

One of the key complaints of the security establishment for several years was the appeasement policy of the Jammu and Kashmir government, which always came in the way of their fight against terror.

Police personnel were asked to go soft on separatists and terrorists, and this ensured that they got away for years. Today the administration is directly under the control of the Union Government and it has adopted a zero tolerance and zero appeasement policy against terrorists and separatists.

One of the key aspects in fighting terror is cornering the separatists. The security agencies complained that the separatists would use their political clout to bring in the money and fund the terrorists. They would also stage stone pelting incidents at the sites where encounters were on, as a result of which the terrorists would get away. All this has been put to an end and the fight against terror has become more effective.

Most of them are under arrest in connection with the terror funding case. Further the government also decided that the appeasements of separatists had to end and had even withdrawn the security cover and other perks that were given to them.

The data reveals some obscene amounts that were spent on the security and perks of separatists. 8 separatists enjoyed these privileges and crores were spent on the same. Let us take a look at the data:

Salary of cops guarding separatists: Rs 10.36 crore

Salary of Mirwaiz Umar Farooq’s guards: Rs 19.51 lakh per month

Salary of Mirwaiz Umar Farooq’s guards since 2008: Rs 1.27 crore

Salary spent on Mirwaiz’s guards for past 10 years: Rs 5.06 crore

Going for the big guns:

In the fight against terror, one of the key successes of the armed forces has been the killing of the top commanders. The raid, bust and kill operations have ensured that the likes of Samir Tiger, Zakir Musa, Usman Haider, Talha Rashid among others have been killed.

An officer explains to MyNation that the pin-pointed killings without any collateral damage has been owing to the seamless coordination between the Jammu and Kashmir Police, Indian Army and central agencies. This is possible when there is no political meddling when it comes to national security. Further it is also important to note that the J&K police are now under the Centre and this will only add to the success rate as the government has a no-nonsense policy towards terror.

In addition to the big guns, the security forces have also wiped out hit squads of outfits such as the Jaish-e-Mohammad. For instance, one of the deadliest modules of the JeM comprised the Sniper Squad. The JeM had sourced the M-4 Carbines, a weapon used by the NATO forces in Afghanistan. However, the pin-pointed operation led to the killing of Maulana Masood Azhar’s nephew Showkat Ahmed and 10 others. All this was done within a period of one year, following which the squad was wiped out.

source – mynation.com