ISRO Starts Work on Chandrayaan-3, Sets November 2020 Deadline to Land on Moon: Reports


New Delhi: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), which suffered heartbreak in its bid to land a probe on Moon, i.e Chandrayaan-2, in its first attempt in September, has started working on the next iteration of the project, tentatively called Chandrayaan-3, according to various reports.

The deadline of the said project is said to be November 2020.

According to reports, the Bengaluru-based ISRO has formed an overall panel with three sub-panels to work on the project and held a few high-level meetings in October. Further, the new mission is expected to include only a lander and a rover as the same of the Chandrayaan-2 are working well. The overview panel held a meeting on Tuesday to review the configuration of Chandrayaan-3. Further, it also considered suggestions made by the various panels on aspects like navigation, propulsion, sensors, engineering, guidance etc.

The work on the project is said to be in full flow and the ISRO has thus far looked at 10 specific aspects of the mission, including landing site selection, absolute navigation and local navigation. The ISRO teams also looked at a detachable module to carry fuel, tentatively called the ‘propulsion module,’ which will help take the landing module to the lunar orbit. The space organisation might also consider reducing the number of manoeuvres around the Earth to just three or four.

Chandrayaan-2, which was launched on July 22, was India’s second mission to Moon after 2008’s Chandrayaan. It intended to make a soft landing on the lunar surface, an attempt, if successful would have made India only the fourth nation-after USA, China and Russia-to achieve this feat and the first to do so in its maiden attempt.

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