Big Education Boost For Tribals: PM Modi Announces Setting Up Of 400 Eklavya Model Schools In Tribal Areas By 2022


In a major push towards ensuring state-of-the-art education for all tribals, Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi on Friday (6 December) announced that 400 Eklavya Model residential schools will be setup across the nation’s tribal belts by as soon as 2022, reports Asian News International (ANI).

The major development was made public by PM Modi during his video-conference based address to the Gujarat’s Ekal Vidyalaya Sangathan. PM Modi, during the conference, also emphasised on the scholarship schemes which have been made more transparent under his government at the centre.

PM Modi also underscored that the network of Eklavya Model schools are being built to provide students from tribal areas access to modern sports facilities. He also shared that these schools pay attention to every small thing of importance to people in such areas, like holidays being granted during tribal festivals.

Speaking at the occasion, PM Modi also extended his congratulations to the Ekal Vidyalaya Sangathan for role played by it in promoting education among rural and tribal children. He also lauded the volunteers of the organisation for their contribution to nation-building by making education accessible to more than 2.8 million rural and tribal children from both India and Nepal.

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