MAGAT- Pak Dhaati Hindus sweet, tradition alive in urban Ahmedabad


MAGAT- Pak Dhaati Hindus sweet,tradition alive in urban Ahmedabad

It is early morning 4 ‘o clock. There is activity at  community centre in outskirts of Ahmedabad. Large no. of male members, old, young & college going are gathered around large KADAI ( open mouth steel vessel ) .Fire is burning under it in earthen furnace. Nearby on small bathi (furnace), pure ghee tin is kept for making hot.

Nearby some youngsters are laughing & cracking jokes at cup of tea. Inside the room heap of wet flour loaf is kept on large bed sheet. 4 elders are cutting the loaf into small pieces & are pressing & making small balls of wet flour .

More than 300 persons are gathered here. There is celebration mood. Everyone is happy & cheerful enjoying the gathering as one family (whole community).

Yes this is pre wedding function of Dr. HARSH, grandson of Diwan Chunilal Harani. Occasion is making of traditional wedding sweet MAGAT by all community members jointly.

This MAGAT is unique sweet & making of it is unique function of Dhaat Hindu community of Pakistan, which is kept alive since centuries. Community originally belongs to THAR desert, spread over on both sides of India-Pakistan border in Gujarat –Rajasthan state. THAR is water scarcity & cut off area from main land. Resources are scare & they are dependent on rain for many of their needs. Local population live a life by saving all. There is great influence of nature on their customs, food habits, clothes etc.

With passage of time this DHAATI HINDU MAHESHWARI community moved out of desert for business & presently its members are living in 52 countries of world. Ahmedabad is their main centre in world, where maximum about 1000 families reside. They have kept their culture alive here in India.

MAGAT is one of the main identity  of DHAATI HINDU MAHESHWARI community. In today s’ artificial world & health concern, MAGAT is pure, healthy diet & with longer shelf life. The procedure of making MAGAT is passed from one generation to another verbally & is described below:-

It consists of 2 parts.

First procedure of making MOGAR

Ingredients    A) Wheat Flour 10 kgs. B)Pure Ghee 3 kgs.  C)water 4.5 kgs.

  • Put 3 kgs ghee into 10 kgs wheat flour. Put hot water slowly & make loaf of flour. Keep it by covering with cloth sheet.
  • After some time, make small balls of loaf & put these in separate plates .
  • After  large KADAI has become hot, put all these small balls into it.
  • Two persons from opposite side mix & fry the same with big spatulas.
  • Persons handling spatulas are changed every 5 minutes, to take rest.
  • Slowly water will be evaporated & this wet flour turns reddish mogar.
  • Take out mogar from KADAI  &  large particles are separated ,broken & put into next session of frying the flour loaf.

Second procedure of mixing the MAGAT.

Ingredients  A) Mogar 10 kgs.  B) Sugar 4.5 kgs. C) Pure Ghee 2 kgs.

  • First take mogar in large mixing pot.
  • Put ghee slowly & then sugar.
  • Mix the same & MAGAT is ready.

Summary  10 kgs. Flour turns to 13 kgs. MOGAR & 23 kgs. MAGAT.

This sweet is long lasting & can be consumed for 6 months without any stale problem.

As whole community is involved in preparing the sweet for wedding, sense of family prevails and all enjoy this function.

Very proud that in fast urban culture this MAGAT making is kept alive by Harani family in Ahmedabad. This will connect the elders & young generation of DHAATI HINDU MAHESHWARI community to discuss traditions, culture & its usefulness.

Young generation of community are thinking of taking Intellectual property rights of product & they are preparing to apply for GI tag with the Authorities. Hope that young generation will get GI tag & make their association with MAGAT more strong.

Proudly can be said Have healthy discussion , while making MAGAT.

Source – World Hindu News