Some important decisions taken in the VHP Pranyasi Mandal


Mangaluru. Dec.30, 2019. The Three Day VHP Central Council and Pranyasi Mandal meeting concluded in Mangalore. Many Delegates from UK, USA, Asia participated along with 300 delegates from various chapters of Bharat attended the three day meet. Various points related to the Society, Nation and Hindu Dharma were discussed.

There has been a detoriation of Hindu values in the society which has resulted in the incidences of women being targeted. Some television shows, internet, immoral advertisements and films have also been one of the reasons for today’s situation in the society. We appeal to the Government to strictly take on such media, television soaps and immoral advertisements and ban them which is contributing in creating an unsafe atmosphere for the women of our society. In Hindu society Women are worshipped and are not treated as commodity. To create an awareness in families and children we have made specific programs.

With an intention of appeasing and for the benefit of muslims and Christians because of Article 29,30 Hindu Organizations and Trusts are given a raw deal and are discriminated, VHP demands that the benefit of Article 29-30 be extended to all communities without discrimination. For that necessary amendments should be made in the constitution..

Its has been decided to celebrate Ram Utsav in all the villages of our country. There has been a great enthusiasm amongst all after the recent judgment on Ramjanmabhoomi matter by the Hon Supreme Court. VHP has decided to hold big Sabhas in every village and mohalla of our country and would initiate programs portraying the life and principles of Lord Ram which needs to be inculcated in today’s society.

In  Pranyasi Mandal meeting it was discussed that in 2024 VHP will complete 60 years of its formation. For which a detailed programme has been worked out with regards to the work and expansion of the organization.

The Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Governments have crossed all the limits in appeasing muslims and Christian’s and are discriminating Hindus at all levels. They are indulging in appointment of non Hindus in management of Temple affairs and a deliberate attempt is made to grab Temple properties. We strongly object paying salaries and other emoluments to moulavis and christian priests by the funds generated by the Hindu Tax payers. Things have been made expensive for the Hindu pilgrims there by deliberately trying to discourage Hindu pilgrims visiting Hindu Shrines. According to the code of conduct of the Tirupati Tirumala Temple all Non Hindus have to undertake an oath that they believe Lord Balaji Venkatashwara before entering the Shrine but the Andhra Government without respecting the decided code of conduct are forcefully allowing Non Hindus to enter the Temple premises which is destroying the sanctity of the Great Shrine. Due to pro christian atmosphere created by Government, the Collector of Guntur District had openly expressed that “the current Andhra Government is a Christian Government and they will go all out for the benefit of christian community” VHP feels this sort of irresponsible statements are against the constitution of our country. Without taking in Hindu community in confidence or giving any alternate site many small and big Temples have been demolished in Andhra and Telangana .VHP has decided to go for a nation wide agitation the atrocities and conspiracies upon Hindus by the Andhra Pradesh Government and Telangana Government. In the first phase of agitation a memorandum will be submitted to all the district collectors addressed to the Hon President of Bharat. After that agitation and demonstrations will be undertaken in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and every legal action will be taken against this organized conspiracy. If needed  the agitation can be even on a big level to counter this evil.

Released by
Vijay Shankar Tiwari
Prachar-Prasar Pramukh
Vishwa Hindu Parishad