Yogamaya: The other child born on Janamasthami


Janamasthami is the birthday of Lord Krishna, the prince of Mathura and later King Dwarka. The most colourful of the nine Vishnuavtars, Krishna is also the pivotal figure of the grand Indian epic Mahabharat. He is credited with performing many a miracle for the people who whole-heartedly remember him – be it Draupadi, the consort of the Pandava princes or Sudama, his childhood friend.

Even the legend of his birth, which falls on the eighth day of the Indian calendar month of Bhadrapad, is replete with celestial activities. Not surprising that for ages his birthday – Janamasthami – has come to be celebrated as a festival of gaiety and splendour. After celebrating Raksha Bandhan, preparations start to commemorate the birth of Lord Krishna.

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